Adult Program

Dancing Tap and Ballet ShoesAdult classes at the Bachwell are open to all levels of movers, those with many left feet and those with years of experience. Rather than commit to a semester, as in our student academy, adults are offered drop-in classes. Come and go as you wish, try out a few different styles, and pay as you go. There is no explicit commitment to a performance, although for those who wish, opportunities are available.

We do offer standard academy classes for young students, but we also encourage older children who are interested in taking an adult drop-in to do so.

Private lessons are available.

Adult tuition is $5 per class.

Currently offering…
Ballroom Dance: Absolute Beginners Mon 5:15pm. This is a low-pressure environment for singles or couples to learn the basic steps and vocabulary. We offer many invitations to dances around the community and have hosted open dances here at the Bachwell for students to practice what they’ve learned.

Ballroom Dance: Level 1 Mon 6:00. This class is an ongoing exploration of many ballroom styles for students who have already learned the basics. We also work on some line/group dancing.

Past offerings …
Calm Yoga: An introduction to yoga postures and breathing, in a slow, relaxed class. Ideal for those with chronic pain, those with disabilities, or those in recovery. Also excellent for anyone who wants a moment to slow down and breathe. No cell phones to be found here! Prior yoga experience not needed.

Tap: Level 1  Tap, clogging, and everything in between.  We spend a lot of time on tap first, and then we move on to add some clogging and rhythm dance.  One shoe is appropriate for all: Although in this area, most cloggers wear staccato taps and tappers wear flat taps, it is not necessary to invest in two separate pairs of shoes until you’re ready to perform or move to the next level of your training.  We’re just trying to break some sweat, make some noise, and have some fun!

Ideas for future offerings…

Liturgical Dance: Also called praise dance, this is a style of generally slow, lyrical movement used as a meditation for both the dancers and the audience. Ideal for students of all ages, but especially for those who are looking for a healthy, gentle way of moving. If appropriate, we will share our worship dance with local churches or other gatherings.