Studio Etiquette

Dancing Tap and Ballet ShoesPlease observe shoe segregation: No street shoes on the dancefloor, and no dance shoes on the street.

For ballet/tap classes, students need a pair of ballet slippers and a pair of tap shoes. For jazz students, a pair of either ballet slippers or jazz shoes/sneakers.

Academy students (ages 3-18) will be dressed in pre-professional attire: For girls, that’s a black leotard of any appropriate style, pink tights, and, if desired, a skirt. Jazz girls may switch their skirts out for dance pants (shorts, capris, or long pants). For boys, that’s a solid-color close-fitting t-shirt and black dance pants. All hair will be pulled off the face. Buns aren’t necessary but encouraged. Jewelry shall not be worn.

Adult students will be dressed as they see fit and as appropriate for their selected classes. In general, workout clothes are fine, accessorized with little to no jewelry.

No food, and especially no gum, inside the studio. Water is welcome.

Parking is available in the Court House parking lot after 4 pm. Before then, street parking is available on Washington. Please enter the studio through the front door (on Washington) if possible, as the back part of the building (the door facing Court St) is a separate business, although they are always happy to see dancers and musicians.

Please come a few minutes early to prepare and settle in. If you are late, you are still welcome; but please enter quickly and quietly.

Please aim to make it through the entire class without needing a restroom break.

Encouraging others is always appreciated. Discouraging others is never. If you must compete, please do it with yourself.

Parents will not be permitted to observe classes, except for Parents’ Night, which happens on the first class of every month. During this class, family and friends are welcome to watch. On these days, students may wear whatever dancewear they choose. Don’t forget, classic black and pink is always in style.

The Bachwell embraces all God’s children, regardless of race, religion, color, national origin, sex/gender, sexual orientation, age, ability/disability, or any other illogical reason to be mean to someone.