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Private Lessons

Piano, Guitar, Synthesizer, and TurntablePrivate lessons at the Bachwell are currently offered in piano, voice, and flute for students aged 5 to infinity. Sarah Hope Wells teaches piano and voice, as well as vocal/acting coaching. Beth Meyer, a Delphos native and Bluffton University graduate in music education, teaches piano. Jerry Lynn Roth, a Van Wert native and recent resident of the Boston area, teaches piano. Standards differ by teacher; general studio policies are outlined below.

By studying music at the Bachwell, students become part of a community of budding musicians. At regular intervals during the academic year, students are encouraged to perform in an informal setting. This allows for even young children to challenge themselves. Adjudicated events are available for students as well; these include yearly “Guild Auditions” (for piano students) through the American College of Musicians and the Ribbon Festival and Music Evaluation Day, (for all instruments/voice), both facilitated by the Ohio Music Teachers Association. Also throughout the year, students may be asked to work together on ensemble pieces. This experience prepares them for what will be the most common experience of their lives as musicians, playing with others. Very rarely, unless one is a concert pianist who never plays concertos, does one make music alone. Even Rihanna has to sing with the band. Or with Eminem.

Curriculum for each student varies, based on his/her individual needs, but in all cases includes technique, theory, and sight-reading. Our approach begins from Western classical music; as the student grows, other styles and systems of music may be explored.

Students will be responsible for buying appropriate books, which the teacher will locate. Students will also be responsible for practicing regularly. Learning to play an instrument or to sing is an excellent check-in on your ability to self-motivate.

More information about pricing and lesson policy will be distributed by the individual teacher.

Parents are welcome to sit in on the first lesson if they choose. After that, we prefer the lessons be private so that the student feels as uninhibited and as focused as possible.